Freedom Cities

What is Freedom Cities?

Freedom Cities is our campaign to defend our cities, towns, and counties against the worst abuses of the Administration. On March 11, we launched the Freedom Cities campaign with a call for people to meet with their local law enforcement officials and request their positions on nine model policies and rules that, if enforced, will effectively counter or block cooperation with the Administration’s anti-immigrant and anti-refugee agenda.

We met with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office on March 30th and talked with his Deputies, his attorney, and him about the nine model policies and rules. Our next is to sit down with ICE officials and ask them about their process with immigration and detainees.

Outside of the nine model policies and rules, groups have led other grassroots actions to make their communities Freedom Cities that are welcoming of immigrants and refugees – including calling for ‘sanctuary schools,’ protesting the appearance Attorney General Jeff Sessions, one of the chief architects of Administration’s anti-immigrant agenda, and rallying outside of naturalization ceremonies to show support for their immigrant neighbors.

Immigration is the first battle we’ve waged through Freedom Cities, but there will be more to come.

Join us on May 17th at 5:30 at the Worcester Public Library for a Q&A with US Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

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